Please refer below photo.

When you are exiting from Hwy 118, exit 13E. Then exit 14. Turn right at the intersection.


(PHOTO1-1, 1-2)You will see the entrance to the Waverley Road north, and will see the sign says Waverley Road Closure and No turn right sign. The residence can come in. Turn right to enter the Waverley Road.


(PHOTO2) When you drive on Waverley road, you will see another sign says “Street Closed” If no traffic controller is working, just use the opposite road and drive through carefully.

Our property is on the right side. GPS will lead you once you come to this point. Pay attention to the house number #1920, and come up the driveway. Please park your car in front of the house.

Also please see below WEB site for more detail.